another trip planning update


my cousin and i met up yesterday evening to start planning out our trip. it all still feels a little surreal to me... did i really just spontaneously decide that i wanted to travel and it's actually coming together and going to happen? it seems the answer is yes. 

i'll be honest, the whole process so far is really overwhelming me. it didn't really hit me until tonight that we have 8 weeks to plan a whole 2 week vacation. ah. what was i thinking? 

but i digress. back to our meeting... 

our meeting went really well! we figured out dates we want to travel, where we want to go, a tentative schedule, and we even booked our flight! it's official now!!! 

so crazy, so exciting. i can't wait. now i just need to remember to breathe and calmly get through the whole trip planning process. it's a funny thing, i absolutely love planning trips, but for some reason this one's making me extra nervous... or maybe i'm just extra excited, who knows? ;) 

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