planning a trip to...


^ throwback to february 2010 at the tower of london with my sister ^


i've had the urge to travel for quite some time now, but i'm finally deciding to act on it. although plans are still very much up in the air, and for all i know this could totally fall through, i'm planning on going to england this spring/summer.

i haven't been since 2010, when my sister and i ventured over to check out oxford and london. travelling overseas was honestly the trip of a lifetime for me! i have never so instantly felt "at home" than when i was over there. i even felt more of a culture shock coming back to canada than when i arrived in england.

so when i started thinking about where i wanted to travel this time around, it was an easy choice.

i've thought about it a bit, and this time around i'd love to travel a bit more around the u.k/europe since everything is so close and it's relatively easy to get to. so i plan on traveling to:

- oxford, england
- london, england
- glasgow, scotland
- isle of skye, scotalnd
- amsterdam, netherlands

it's so exciting just looking into things to get a vague idea of prices/what looks interesting and i really hope that things work out. i'll keep you posted on how the travel planning goes. 

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