couch to 5k | one week in {updated}


^ fynn and his neighbourhood best friend, a bengal cat, hanging out after our run ^ 

one of my goals while taking a semester off was to focus more on myself and start doing things that i love. one of those things happens to be running... but to be honest i haven't ran in years. so i wanted to start a running program that would be easy, but also rewarding, and i think i've found that with the couch to 5k app. 

i'm almost done the first week, which consists of running three days (well really it's more of a walk/jog), and i'm really liking it. the first day i did it i tried it one the treadmill and it was okay. but this morning i decided that fynn (who has the energy of 5 dogs) would also like to participate in the program so we went together ;). 

running outside with him was so much better! it made the running parts a lot more fun when you're running partner instantly gets 40000x happier when he's running. 

the total program is 8 weeks long, and if by the end of it i can run 5k straight i am going to be super impressed, since i don't think even in my more athletic days i could run for that long without stopping.

i'll keep you guys posted on how it goes. :)


so the charm of the running has faded a bit a few days after really committing. i don't know if i've ever felt this close to death. i am hurting in places that i didn't even think could hurt this much (hello not being able to get out of bed because my abs hurt so much). but in the midst of this i am trying to remind myself that all of the pain and discomfort means progress!!! things are changing for the better. now i just need to keep repeating this to myself for the next few days...

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