do you have a boyfriend?


i think it's funny that for whatever reason this questions comes in waves. either not at all, or all the time. and right now it's going through the "all the time" phase. for the last couple of weeks i have gotten that question almost everyday, "liz, do you have a boyfriend?". and every time i give the same answer, "no".

and then comes the follow up questions or words of encouragement. "well, why not?", "i don't understand you're so sweet and nice and cute", "you're such a nice girl, any guy would be lucky to have you" or "don't worry, you're time will come".

and i guess i just think it's a little funny that randomly this has become such a common part of my life. i mean, i guess it's a valid question and i guess there are always those common questions or conversation starters that people always use, similar to asking about school, or work, or family. but it's also become a constant reminder that i am in fact single. and i really try to not let that bother me, because i mean it really shouldn't. but let's be honest,  i think everyone feels lonely from time to time or wishes for what they don't have and i guess that's just been on my mind a lot recently.

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