day three: blenheim palace


 ^ our friend poppy. she sits outside and models her collars. quite the salesperson ^

we decided to tackle blenheim palace today. it's about a twenty minute bus ride and once we arrived i lost count how many times i used the word "grand" to describe the site. while we there they were setting up for a wedding and my cousin and i couldn't help but think how incredible it would be to have a wedding in a real life palace. neat!

after exploring the interior we toured around the gardens for a while. we could have spent the whole day just walking around the property, it seemed to go on for miles and miles. eventually though our feet gave in and we stopped in and had some lunch. i had a nice bit of chicken and layered potato and it was just what we needed. also fun fact: they allow dogs in some pubs, so the cutest little puppy came in and sat down at the table behind us. if we could bring the policy back home that'd be great ;).

after touring around woodstock we headed back to oxford and just had a quiet night. we were both pretty tired and are getting ready to head to london tomorrow so that was a good idea!

and now to plan out exactly what we will be doing tomorrow. have a good night :)

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