day two: exploring oxford


our second day here in oxford was the perfect "post travel" day. we slept in until around noon, had a quiet morning, and then headed out to explore the city on our own. we walked to city centre and were able to get a better look at the architecture of the city. it's crazy how you can be walking in what seems to be a residential area, and then on the next corner there's a huge church. once in city centre we stopped into the covered market, visited the museum of natural history, took more pictures of colleges, and had a quick tea (and pretty good gluten free brownie) before heading back home.

as we were having dinner, we had a conversation about cheap travel around here... one thing lead to another and we bought tickets to go to edinburgh! so we will be adding yet another country to visit. very exciting stuff!

the next couple of days (well, week really) are looking to be quite busy. with lots of things to see, and what is seeming to be not as much time as i thought we are trying to cram everything in.

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