i just came back from a quick three day trip to montreal. i really only spent one full day there because travelling each way took about 8 hours. although i was only there for a short time i got to see a lot of the city and spend some time with one of my best friends! 

when i first arrived i went out to dinner at lola rosa. i ordered their nachos and i would definitely recommend! the serving size was really nice (i got the half order), it was filling but didn't leave me too stuffed which is often the case with mexican ;). after dinner we took the metro to st. joseph's basilica on the other side of the mountain. we climbed a million stairs to get to the top, but it was definitely worth it! the view was amazing. 

on day two we started the day off with brunch at beautys. the brunch was really good. really simple and casual, which is just what i like. i ordered a swiss cheese omelette with bacon and potato and a bagel with strawberry jelly. and of course a hot chocolate to drink ;). then we stopped at the cutest flower shop on the way back and picked up a few flowers. we also toured around mcgill for a bit and i will forever be jealous of one of their all pink study rooms. we toured a bit of old montreal as well and ended the day with dinner and dessert. 

the next morning i was leaving pretty early so we stopped into a cafe on our way to the train station. the atmosphere was so cute and the chai tea lattes aren't bad either. 

all in all it was a great little trip! next up will be europe which is only a matter of days away.

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