top 5 favourite photo editing apps for iphone


^ before ^
^ after. edited with fotograph and afterlight ^

i'm sure there will come a day when  i absolutely hate filters or editing pictures, but right now i think it's fun! i thought i would do a quick post to share some of my favourite photo editing apps, since i use them a lot as of now ;). 

1. fotograf. i found this app through one of my favourite bloggers when she mentioned it in this post. i guess one of her friends was involved in making it and she was able to create her own set of filters! this is probably my go to app when it comes to editing pictures. you can basically do almost anything to pictures, and i love there preset filters.

2. afterlight. okay, so afterlight is a really popular app, and for good reason! they recently released some new filters {'wanderer' to be specific} which i love! if you were only going to buy one app, i would definitely recommend this one! from straightening pictures to borders and filters it has it all! and it's really easy to use which is always a big plus! 

3. vsco cam. this was the first photo editing app i ever downloaded and it's still one of my favourites! i feel like if you're going for a 'tumblr' kind of look than this is the app you're going to want. bonus: it's free!

4. studio. i just downloaded this the other day and i'm still figuring it out, but from what i've seen so far i love it! i use it more if i want to add text to pictures since they have a bunch of filters or 'remixes' as they're called in the app with text and design on them. really cool, and definitely different than most apps out there, which i really like! 

5. whitagram. i know you can add borders in a lot of apps that also let you add filters or alter them in some other way, but i kind of love how simple this app is. just click one button and you instant add a white border to any picture to make it square without cropping anything out. no fuss. no hassle. just what everyone needs from time to time. 

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