vous voir la prochaine fois, Paris!


we are now back in england, and it's crazy to think that just this morning we were waking up in paris. our last day was short and sweet. we started early and headed over to the catacombs. unfortunalety, we didn't anticipate such a long line (it basically wrapped around a block) so we decided to skip that and grab breakfast at a bakery instead. we then headed over to la galerie lafayette, which is basically a huge department store (pictured above). it was basically a dream come true with every designer brand you could possibly think of right in front of you. in retrospect i wish we had stayed longer, although it was probably for the best that we didn't because i could have easily seen myself spending lots of money there.

after the mall we headed over to the eiffel tower for one last look. we found a much better spot to take pictures this time around and avoided the double chin angle to get both the tower and ourselves in the picture ;).

after the eiffel tower we went out for a late lunch and then started making our way back to london. i'm so glad we went to paris, and i can't believe it's over now. only a couple more days left on vacation, it's crazy how time flies.

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