palace of versailles


today we ventured out to versailles! as per usual we got turned around a few times trying to actually get there (i swear i will never understand transit here), but we made it.

the palace was a bit surreal to be honest. very ornate and over-the-top, and it kept reminding me of something you would see at disney or used as a prop, except this was the real deal. we spent most of the afternoon touring around the palace and the gardens. the weather was perfect and it made walking around awesome :).

the only... interesting thing about versailles were the crowds. now, i wasn't expecting the place to be empty, but there must have been 15 tour buses packed of people who conveniently got in around the same time we did. add on the school tours that were also going on and it was one packed palace. luckily once we got outside to the gardens and over to the "smaller" apartments i enjoyed it a lot more.

after versailles we headed back to the notre dame/saint germain area and did a bit of shopping. we stopped for dinner at my favourite restaurant so far. i ordered steak with an onion sauce and potatoes and got panna cotta for dessert. it was to die for. seriously, i will die thinking about that food. and it was really cheap too!

on our way back from dinner we walked by a pub called "the great canadian pub". it was nice to see a little bit of canada here on our travels ;). as much as i'm enjoying my time away i am really looking forward to being back at home in canada.

only a few more days left on our trip.... excited to see as much as possible! :)

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