paris is always a good idea


bonjour de paris! hello from paris!

we are nearing the end of our europe trip, and one of our last stops is paris! it has been a hectic first day here to say the least. we got off on the wrong foot when we got turned around leaving the train station and a 10 minute walk to our hotel turned into an hour.

things picked up a bit once we dropped off our bags and finally found our way to city centre (which also took much longer than it should have). we saw a lot considering we were only out for a few hours. we started with notre dame, walked over to arc de pons (with all the locks on it), checked out the exterior of the louvre, and ended the day with the eiffel tower.

the scenery and vibe of being in the city centre is amazing, and i was so happy to be there. the getting around the city part still hasn't won me over though. hopefully our second day is a bit smoother.

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  1. Even it had a rough start. You are still in Paris!! Photos look great as usual.