roman baths in bath


bath! i really enjoyed walking around the city, a lot more than i was expecting to. as we were driving into the city advertisements about "retiring in bath" started to pop up, and i feel like it set the scene nicely. bath really was the perfect retirement kind of city- quaint, quiet, and charming.

we started out the day at the roman baths. it was really neat to see, definitely different from anything we had seen on our trip so far. my only problem with it was that i found it really claustrophobic and crowded. i guess you win some and lose some. after that we stopped for lunch and then walked up to the royal crescent, which is a really dramatic set of townhouses that are formed in a crescent shape. it was pouring rain when we got there so i couldn't really take too many good pictures, but it was surprisingly stunning in person. oh, and before that we stopped in a neighbourhood that was built in a circle form which was also really cool!

on our way back to the bus station we walked by a park that had live music playing from a gazebo. i had to stop and take a picture because it was just too perfect. the rain had stopped and all the colours were super saturated. the music was playing. the scenery was great. perfect ending to the day :)