they say there’s no feeling like home, and after returning from my trip i can whole heartily agree. the anticipation was building on the drive home. passing familiar landmarks were all a tease to finally walking in my front door. 

i can remember clearly finally getting inside after lugging all my bags up the front steps. hearing the door close behind me, i took a deep breath. ah, the smell of home. there’s really nothing like it, am i right? smelling the comforting musty smell of our house after it’s been empty for a while, listening to the neighbours playing in their backyard, the sound of people mowing their lawn in the background. this is home, i thought to myself. 

the following days have been somewhat of an extended vacation. late nights with friends, drinking sparkling wine outside on the front porch in the early evening. living in the world of nicholas sparks before my eyes become too tired to read.

if this is any indication on how the rest of the summer is going to be, well then summer, i welcome you with open arms. 

i hope everyone has an amazing long weekend. i for one am beyond excited for lighting off fireworks and catching up with friends. 

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