for the last 10 years or so i've had a love hate relationship with my glasses. i've never needed to wear them all the time, more so when i get headaches or am reading for long periods of time {or maybe when they go with an outfit... let's be honest}. but lately it's been a bit of a different story. i've been finding myself grabbing for them more and more, not for comfort but for necessity. the world seems to be a whole lot blurrier without them, and being able to actually see what's going on around is always nice ;). 

so i guess i now it's time to embrace them and become a more "full time" glasses wearer. yay. okay, i'm sure it will grow on me.... but for now i kind of feel like i jumped on the fake hipster glasses train and everyone give me weird looks when wearing them... or maybe that's just me..

and we're going to end on that note. happy wednesday!

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