it's friday!!!


congratulations, we made it through the week. and it really is a friday for me because i have tomorrow off!! i'm spending my time before work cleaning all the things i've been putting off all week {mostly my room}, catching up on laundry, and also binge watching community. i kind of wish i was joking, but this is as thrilling as my life is going to get today.

also i'm missing paris today. so i made my morning cup of tea in my paris mug and placed it down on my desk and realized i had my eiffel tower figurine and polaroid already there. take me back to paris, please!

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  1. sooososososooo happy it's the weekend. haha someone asked me what's new today and I realized that all I do is work and nothing is really new. and binge watch Netflix. so I feel ya :) oh I would love to go to Paris one day! so lucky!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants