race day | 10km classic


so this weekend my mom, sister, and i ran our first ever race! the race is called the 10km classic, but they have three distances (3km, 5km, and 10km) and since this was our first race and we didn't 'train' at all we went with the 3km.

and despite not training at all and self admittedly being so out of shape, i was really impressed at how well we did. we completed it in half the time we thought it would take and were able to run most of the time {the last uphill bit was my downfall}. we all thought this would be the first and last race we ever did, but as soon as we finished we found ourselves looking at flyers for our next opportunity to shine. it looks like we might just have to sign up for the oktoberfest run... but we'll see how we feel about it in a few months.

happy monday!

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