summer evenings


 hat: h&m | sweater: talula {old} similar | top: h&m mens | jeans: old navy | boots: sam edelman 

here's a solid attempt at capturing an outfit. of course my dogs are playing together in the background. and that second pose.... who even knows what's going on there. but we're going to go with it.

i am finding summer super hard to dress for. please tell me i'm not the only one who doesn't particularly enjoy shorts, or dresses, or anything practical really for hot weather. but summer evenings? summer evenings i like because it's cool enjoy to justify wearing layers. and i liiiiiive for layers. layers are happy.

also a complete side note, but guess who has a day off!?! this girl right here. a whole saturday free from work and school. this doesn't come around often so i feel like i really need to take advantage of it. i'm trying to come up with something fun or productive to do... right now it's a toss up between cleaning out my closet or having a movie marathon by myself. the movie marathon sounds much more fun though, let's be honest.

happy thursday!

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