the time i tried to make a proper lunch


so i have a few days until my final exam and that basically means that this week has been a disaster food wise. i doesn't help that we've celebrated two birthdays within four days which translates to cake for breakfast everyday. let me tell you, it's not as charming as kate spade makes it sound. 

so i've been feeling pretty disappointed in myself for always skipping out on meals. (it's literally been cake, cheese and crackers, and mcdonald's take out... i wish i was joking). so today, despite the fact that i really should be devoting all my time and effort into learning about physiology, i decided to try and make a proper lunch. 

it's not even done yet, but i'm almost an hour and a half in. and all i have to show for it is half cooked chicken and mashed potatoes that are so crunchy it's really not pleasant. this is taking foreverrrrrrr. so lesson learned: when it comes to finals cooking + me don't mix. i'm adding pizza places to my speed dial as i speak. (btw, do people still use speed dial or is that long gone?).

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