weekend round up


you know those weekends where you do a lot of stuff but it doesn't really feel like you accomplished much? i think that's how i would sum up this weekend. it was jammed packed with stuff like cooking and baking and going on a date {what?!} and running a 3km race and work. lots of work. but despite doing all of that i kind of feel like nothing got done. 

my room is still a mess. my laundry pile doubled instead of disappeared. and i still have a long list of pesky errands to run. 

but come mid afternoon when the temperature is perfect and the sun is shining through the leaves, somehow the ending "to do" list of feeling of being unproductive doesn't seem so bad. 

i hope everyone had a great weekend {and enjoyed celebrating father's day!!!}. is everyone ready for monday? i know i definitely am not. just kidding. monday's going to be great right? right.

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