eczema struggles


wild photobooth selfies because i'm going craaaaazy and also because you really don't want to see a picture of my messed up skin

for anyone who's ever had eczema before, i sympathize with you! i'm having a real bad flare up right now (tmi?) and it is brutal. it really makes you realize how often you take things for granted. like i would kill to have this skin thing all cleared up and not feel like my hand is on fire 24/7, and this is just a small thing.

anyways.... rant over. i hope everyone had a great monday.... or as good of a monday as anyone can have because i mean, it's monday. i'm excited because this week is a short work week for me (hooray for flexible work hours that means long weekends almost every other weekend!) and i'm going back home and can't wait to see friends and family (and my dogs because i'm a crazy dog lady at heart). is it thursday yet?

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