life with liz in lindsay!


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some things i've noticed about life in the small town of lindsay so far...

+ talking about hunting or casually shooting at things {for example off your deck at night as a pastime} is totally acceptable

+ when you order french fries it's custom that you always order gravy on the side

+ smokers are a thing? like smoking meat. everybody either talks about having one or wanting one.

+ monster trucks. not anything crazy, but some pretty tall wheels on an otherwise normal truck. i road in one the other day and let me tell you it is a totally unique experience. having to literally climb into a vehicle is different. so is your attitude when you're driving around. like you don't really care about other drivers because you're in a monster truck and you will win in any situation, hands down.

+ impulsive petting zoos in the local park happen, because why not?

+ the locals are awesome. every morning we stop and talk to our friend charlie {who is probably in his 80s}. he drives around in his red pickup truck and drinks his coffee in the parking lot while talking to everyone heading into work. and today i got not one, but three winks from him.

it's a little different than what i'm use to, but i find it charming and surprisingly like small town life a lot more than i thought i would.

happy wednesday, we're halfway through the work week {yay!}.

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  1. Have a great day Liz! Glad to hear you are enjoying small town living.