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ah, the life of a working girl. i've never worked in a 9-5 kind of place, and these are a few of the things that i've learned from the first few days:

+ getting up at the same time every day is interesting. like what is a morning routine? since when do i eat breakfast food at a normal breakfast hour {and not at 2am}

+ speaking of which, staying up late is no longer a thing. if i'm up past 12, things are getting wild

+ work outfits. i am a big fan of picking out my own outfits... who knew dressing yourself could be so exciting. {so long grocery store uniform}. and not having to wear my hair in a ponytail everyday. bless. also, i kind of love that my office is what i would call business casual casual. anything goes as long as it's relatively pulled together and not denim.

+ answering the phones is both terrifying and exciting. terrifying because i usually don't know what to do/or say the wrong thing. but exciting because it's something new and sometimes goes well? does that make sense?

+ also i love converting files into an electric file. i could sit there all day listening to my music typing away. love.

+ one hour lunch breaks are the best thing to happen ever. this whole i don't have to always tell someone where i am and worry about if i'm a minute early or late is something i could really get use to

+ the fact that working 9-5 usually works out to 9-4:30 is always a nice surprise at the end of the day

so far things seem to be working out pretty well, despite not knowing anything about law and feeling like i'm messing up every 0.4 seconds. but it's good. at least i hope.

here's to the last day of the work week tomorrow{did i mention i get friday off? woo hoo!!}.

happy wednesday everyone!

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