dinner theatre


have you ever been to a dinner theatre? i hadn't until last week. my uncle and his girlfriend were visiting with us from alberta and we were trying to come up with fun things to do with them, and my aunt had the great idea of going out to a dinner theatre. 

to be honest, i didn't even know such things existed, but i was definitely down to give it a try {especially if it meant free food}. it was located in an old barn that had been converted into a dance hall and since then a dinner theatre {i feel like this is very much a "lindsay thing" ;)}. part one of the night is dinner and drinks. i has caesar salad, pork tenderloin, and chocolate mousse, with cider on the side. the food was really good which made me even more excited for the theatre part. unfortunately when it came to part two of the night to watch the play it was... underwhelming. the show was more than awkward and felt more like a middle school production rather than with professional actors. it was so bad that we didn't even stay until the end of the performance... oops. i still feel bad about leaving halfway through but it was a dire situation.  

despite the theatre bit not being what we thought, i would still say it was a successful night out. i love trying out new things and this was definitely out there. also, fun fact {or at least i think it's really cool}, as we were driving out to the barn we passed by a lake that was overtaken with wild rice! i didn't even know that grew in ontario... pretty neat. 

as always, i hope everyone had a great weekend. mine was very stressful, but exciting {more on that in tomorrow}. what did you guys get up to?

talk to you on monday. :)

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