lash extensions


never did i think i would ever get lash extensions, but there i was, my last day in lindsay, treating myself to probably one of the most extravagant things i've ever done. a bit of a back story: i've been researching/admiring people with lash extensions for the last couple of months and then my aunt won a silent auction prize for lash extensions and they looked amazing on her! so i thought what the heck, why not just give them a try and it can be my 'big' thing for the summer. 

the whole process took just under two hours. you lay down with your eyes closed with a cotton pad under your eye while the technician glues on the extensions. i got 14mm extensions, which was the longest length available. they are suppose to last 2 weeks before you can get them refilled. it's a bit pricey, mine cost $100 plus tip, and i think it's around $30 to get them filled? 

here are some pictures of the process: 
^ before ^ 
^ 1/2 way done ^ 
^ all done! ^ 

they are definitely a big change!! it took a little taking used to, but i love them! i've had them for a week now, and although a few lashes have come out {they fall out naturally with your other lashes} they still look great. you have to be careful taking off your eye makeup making sure you use an oil free product and one of the biggest thing for me was trying not to rub my eyes. 

they definitely are a splurge, but i think it's something that's really fun to try, and i'm glad i did! i had mine done by debbie green and would 100% recommend her, she's great!! 

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