my fall bucket list


is it a bit too early to be obsessing over fall? perhaps. but nonetheless it's all i've been thinking about lately so i thought i would put together a list of all the things i want to do this fall. most of the time i have so many ideas of things i'd love to do, but i find if i don't write them down i never seem to get around to them. so here's to hopefully accomplishing everything on this list! 

ps. i'll keep an updated list on the sidebar to make it easier to keep track of what i've done so far

01. try all the fall drinks at starbucks {most importantly the pumpkin spice latte}

02. watch school football games

03. burn fall scented candles

04. go for long walks

05. take pictures of the coloured leaves

06. dress up for halloween

07. celebrate homecoming

08. bake pumpkin muffins

09. drink pumpkin ale

10. watch the halloween episodes of parks and rec and the office

11. get lost in a corn maze

12. pick out pumpkins from a pumpkin patch

13. decorate my apartment for fall

14. bake pilsbury halloween cookies

15. go out for oktoberfest

16. celebrate thanksgiving with friends

17. enjoy a scenic fall drive

18. be bold and try wearing dark red lipstick

19. make a fall playlist on itunes

20. split pumpkin cheesecake at honey bake shop with my mom

is anyone else as excited as i am for fall? what do you like to do for the season, i'd love to know! :) 

* all pictures in this post were taken from pinterest or google images. 

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