um, so this is incredibly exciting.... {!!!!}


let me start out by saying that i never thought this day would come, or at least not so soon but.....  i'm moving out this fall!

i think everyone can relate to the fact that at a certain time you just feel ready to start off on your own. i've had that feeling for about three years now and i finally decided to make the step and rent an apartment of my own.

after a very stressful weekend of emailing landlords, setting up viewing, actually attending the viewings, and then all the follow up after {and trying to cram it all in over the weekend while i'm in town}, i have finally found a place!!!!!!

i can't wait to share with you guys the whole moving out process from my experience with looking for a place, packing up, setting up an apartment with a shoestring budget.... the list goes on and on.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. at this point a lease has been signed and i have a deposit on the place which means... it's mine {ahhhhhh, still can't believe it's true!!!!!!}.

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