you can add mechanic to my resume


so last weekend when i was driving back to lindsay i had what felt like a near death experience when i was stuck in traffic on the 401 with the sun heating up my car. with no a/c and no water with my it was one of those moments when i thought to myself okay, this is it. this is how i go. right here. on the 401. listening to horrible radio music. this is it. it sounds dramatic, but seriously i thought i was going to die it was so hot! 

the point of this is that having no a/c in the summer kind of sucks. so my uncle and i tried to fix it ourselves by recharging the freon. {it’s a little ridiculous how cool i feel saying that. it almost sounds like i know what i’m talking about}. and guess what, i think we were pretty successful. the a/c was working a bit better and i’m feeling like i can fix anything car wise now. 

we can add this to the list of things i never thought i’d do but i’m glad i did. 

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