distracting myself from a terrible day with dreams about toronto


yesterday was kind of a terrible day, and i guess those kinds of days happen every now and again. but they still kind of suck don't they? nothing bad even really happened, but with stuff scheduled back to back for 12 hours it was an exhausting day. and i wish i could say that after a night's sleep i feel so much better and ready to tackle anything, but that would totally be a lie. because when i woke up this morning i still had money problems to worry about. and my apartment still wasn't clean. and i still had school work to catch up on.

in other news, i can't stop thinking about the distillery district in toronto {random right?}. i went there around this time last year when my sister was living in toronto and it was honestly one of my favourite times being in the city. i'm missing brick covered everything and eating at the best mexican place i've ever been too. i'm missing early mornings snacking on blurberry scones from the best bakery. {there are a lot of best's in the distillery district}. and i'm missing wandering up and down brick laid streets with hardly anyone else around on the most perfect chilly cloudy saturday. maybe a little toronto trip needs to be added to my schedule within the next few weeks.

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