foggy fall mornings


i woke up this morning to see leaves that seemed to have burst in colour overnight and the perfect misty fog covering the park in my backyard. it's little things like this that make monday mornings just a little bit more bearable. this weather is a bit deceiving though because it totally looks like fall outside, so when i got dressed this morning in knee high boots, a wool sweater, and a rain coat to head out and run errands i thought i was good. forward to half an hour later and it felt like the middle of summer. seriously, humidity where did you come from?! so there i was walking back from the grocery store trying to balance a way too heavy grocery bag and a cup of hot coffee, feeling as if i was in some tropical rainforest or something. it was messy, but such is life. also can we discuss the fact that it's almost october!!! where did september go, time is flying by way too quickly.

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