new apartment tour!


so i have finally officially moved into my apartment!!!. i have to be honest, it's been a bit of a scary process. the first couple of days i felt sick to my stomach when i realized what i had gotten myself into. i'm paying how much a month to live here? if anything goes wrong it's all on me. was this the right decision, did i jump into things? all of the self doubt and worry seemed to suddenly catch up to me when i realized that this was real. i really did move into my own apartment on my own for the year.

but i think it's only normal to feel this way. and now, after having a couple of days under my belt, things are going much smoother. this place is slowly but surely starting to feel like mine. i'm getting into a routine, like playing music as soon as i get up, or doing the dishes right away so things don't get messy. little things like that.

toady i'm making my first "home cooked meal" and have busted out the slow cooker to make a roast beef. we'll see how that goes ;). i started working again last night. my classes begin today. i'm so excited for everything that's in store this coming school year!!

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