our last night away


{sidenote}: similar to last week's post, i came across this post in my drafts and can't figure out why i never posted it. i wrote this one of my first day's back from my europe trip back in may. enjoy!

ah, today has been so bittersweet. as excited as i am to be home with my own things in my normal time zone, i'm sad to be leaving oxford. these last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind.. but in the best way possible. i have seen so much and really enjoyed the time away. my favourite thing though has definitely been the time spent with family. i love my family here and it makes me sad to think that i won't get to see them for a while.

the easy dinner conversation. having drinks at pubs. the food. the laughs. i'm going to miss it all.

we had the perfect last day here. we toured around a couple last colleges, packed up all our stuff, went out for dinner. and ended the whole night off with drinks at a pub with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. we had the best time- telling so many stories and jokes. everyone seemed to be in the best mood. to top the cake when we got back home there were fireworks outside their backyard... i mean come on, what better way to end things than with fireworks! oxford, you were awesome.

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