this might be my last night living at home. also, how is it the end of summer already!???


a messy picture from the end of last summer

so a bit of a back story: 

i was suppose to move into my new apartment last wednesday. after a bit of a carpet problem in the bedroom {i've decided rotten carpet is the worst thing anyone can ever smell} that date has since been pushed back. but after endless hours cleaning, painting, and waiting for new flooring to be installed, i cannot wait to be in my new place! 

most of the flooring has been installed today and as soon as my landlord puts in the baseboards around the room i can officially move in, yay!!! no more awkwardly trying to live at home where i only have a small suitcase of clothes and a bed left in my room. no more bedroom furniture in the living room of my apartment. it's going to be great. 

with that being said i really need to get it together and pack up all the little stuff that seems to be lying around like clothes hangers {those things are annoying to pack!} and laundry. so that's going to be my labour day {and also playing sims and watching netflix because i mean... why not?}. ps. how is the end of the summer already?? i cannot believe school is started up again this week. crazy i'll tell you.

also, a note to the weather gods. can you please send some crisp fall weather my way? seriously, my fall sweaters and boots are all patiently waiting to be worn but it's just not going to happen with this 30 degree heat wave we've been having. 

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