weekend roundup


hello friends. i hope you all had a fantastic weekend! mine was very busy- which is always a nice problem to have i think!

i always think of the weekend beginning on friday, because even though i have classes on friday it doesn't feel like the a regular work day. and i only have one one hour class, so it hardly counts, right? and i mean, if i can squeeze one more day into the weekend i'm all for that.

so friday consisted of going to class, running errands uptown {which i am loving more and more! i mean how great is it to live within a 5 minute walking radius of everything?!}, and then i got ready and headed over to check out a friends new apartment. much to my surprise {and luck} said friends were having a brownie bake off.... i definitely scored on that one. the food was great, the company was great. everything was great.

on saturday i cleaned my apartment, did some baking, picked up groceries, and then went out for drinks and chips and guac at my favourite mexican place with a friend. afterwards we came back to my apartment and hung out for a bit longer. i'm loving having a place where i can have friends over at any hour and not worry about disturbing anyone. another perk of living alone.

and then sunday rolled around. it was a quiet day. i slept in, got ready for lunch at my parent's place. spent the afternoon/evening there doing laundry and mooching free pizza off of them ;). in between laundry and pizza i also snuck out and grabbed a pumpkin spice latte and went on a solo country drive. guys, it's really fall. like the temperature is getting colder, the leaves are just beginning to change, and did i mention pumpkin spice lattes!!!!! i seriously am in love with this season. keep it coming please and thank you! after spending most of the day with family i met up with my friends and we had a little road trip out to guelph to drop a friend off. it turned into an apartment decorating/burrito eating/real talks kind of night, which in my books is one of the best kinds of nights.

overall it was a weekend jammed pack with friends and family and lovely fall weather which totally justified oversized sweaters and boots all weekend long {so thankful for that!}.

and now it's monday. and it's a little less exciting. especially when you're a frazzled fourth year student who doesn't know how to read your own schedule and you totally missed your first class of the day. oops. rookie mistakes, except i'm not a rookie anymore and it totally shouldn't have happened. oh well, better luck next time right?

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