i don't know about you... | 22nd birthday!


yesterday i celebrated my 22nd birthday! i decided to take the whole day off of work and studying and had a relaxing day with friends and family. i started off my morning listening taylor swift on repeat and then treated myself to coffee from my favourite coffee shop. then i went to the mall and bought a birthday dress and went home to make one of my favourite meals right now. and then i lounged on the couch watching netflix and pinteresting with no shame. it was great. for dinner that night i went out to taco farm with my family {yum!}. then we went back to their house and had cake and opened presents. and they bought be number balloons, which i know is a silly thing to get excited about but i love them! and then i ended the night with drinks at one of my favourite bars with friends!! 

it was an awesome birthday and i'm so excited to see what this year has in store!

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  1. So glad to have been part of your special day, love, Mom and Dad