so about a month ago or so there was this crazy bug going around and everyone was getting sick. cough, cold, fever, sore throat... you name it, people were not feeling it. and there i was, thinking to myself "that looks so rough, thank God i have an amazing immune system and can take a pass on this whole cold thing". and so there i was, thinking i was all that.

but that's all caught up to me now, because of course as reading week comes to an end i have caught a pretty nasty cold that is basically ruining my life {not to be dramatic or anything ;)}. i didn't think one person could cough so much in one day - like seriously lungs tone it down.

so i'm trying to get back on my feet asap because i have a midterm on tuesday and it would be the absolute worst to have to sniffle through the whole thing. not to mention studying is 10x worse when you're not feeling your best.

i'm hoping that all of the comfort food i have planned for this week, lots of tea and water, and the occasional ibuprofen and cold medicine has me back in no time. here's to hoping anyways!

p.s. if you live in canada please don't forget to vote tomorrow! just a little friendly reminder ;). 

oh, and in case your wondering what kind of comfort food i'm planning on cooking up this week here's my tentative {because we know things never go as planned} meal plan:

monday: potato soup with biscuits

tuesday: broccoli quiche

wednesday: swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and green beans

thursday: leftover night {yay!}

friday: country chicken with green beans and hasselback potato

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