it's beginning to look a lot like christmas


over the weekend we had our first big snow fall and it has definitely got me in the christmas mood now! i spent the weekend at my parents place and for the most part i was camped out on the sofa next to the fire watching christmas movies on t.v. while it snowed outside {basically what i would do all of december if i could}. 

on sunday i started decorating my apartment for christmas. i know it's super early for christmas decorations, but i feel like everyone is decorating early this year so i had to jump on the bandwagon, and with this weather i can't really blame them. i looks like a winter wonderland outside now and i'm loving it! 

i had friends over sunday night and we made a gingerbread house and made christmas paintings and had starbucks holiday drinks and christmas treats. we also went and saw the night before in theatres which was definitely not your average christmas movie, but it was really funny {if you like seth rogan's type of humour}.

i hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. i'm curious, have you started putting up decorations yet?

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