2016 goals


pictures courtesy of my sister christine

here are my goals for 2016. hopefully i work towards them over the year!

01. cut out alcohol & smoking
some vices of mine that i think would be healthy to cut out for a year. the drinking thing might be the most difficult {sorry friends}, but i really want to give it a try!

02. eat a well balanced diet
because i was legitimately concerned i was going to get scurvy first semester. (p.s. i found this article really interesting when it comes to making diet changes)

03. develop an exercise routine
i feel like this is on everyone's list, but i really want to find something that i enjoy and can stick with. i'm hoping pilates continues throughout the year and hey, maybe i'll finally develop some sort of gym routine?

04. devote time to grow spiritually - whether it be attending church, watching online sermons, etc.
this has been on the back of my mind for a really long time. it's something that often falls to the bottom of my "to do list", but i think it's really important. so i want to make a conscious effort to make time for this.

05. limit recreational computer time to approximately five hours a day {i'm trying to be realistic here}
i am THE worst at netflix binging and checking facebook, twitter, instagram, and us weekly every 2 minutes. and it usually leads to a lot of wasted time. so i really want to cut down on that. and five hours a day would really be cutting down....

06. pay off my credit card bill
i've been getting better at managing my money since moving out and this would be a huge accomplishment of mine if i could not only pay it off, but keep it paid off throughout the year!

07. spend time each day on myself {hello reading, face masks, walks, etc.}
because i think this is so important, especially when it comes to managing stress.

08. improve my skin care routine
i have been trying for YEARS to get my acne and discolouration under control and i think i'm getting close to nailing down a skin routine that works for me. but consistency is key kids, and that is always my downfall.

09. drink 8 cups of water every day
not only is it necessary to stay alive and healthy but really i should have got this figured out by now but i ALWAYS forget to drink water. seriously, sometimes by the end of the day i realize i've only had one glass of water the whole day.

10. develop a morning routine
i am horrible in the mornings! i always wake up feeling terrible and sleep in like nobody's business. if i could start my day at 1pm everyday i would be happy. but this is not realistic and i think i would feel so much better if i was able to develop a consistent morning routine.

do you guys set 2016 goals? i know a lot of people are really against it, which i totally understand, but i always enjoy spending some time thinking about how i can improve and i find if i write it all down i'm more likely to stick with it. i'd love to hear what some of your goals/resolutions are!

happy new year!!

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