cutting down our christmas tree



 it's tradition for us to cut down our christmas tree on the first saturday of december every year, so last weekend my sister, mom, and i all drove out to the christmas tree farm! on our way over we stopped at starbucks and grabbed our favourite holiday drinks (the caramel brule latte for me!). when we got to the farm it was packed! it seemed like everyone had the same idea as us to get their christmas tree, and the warm weather probably had an effect too.

the whole time i felt like we were the biggest divas ever - with our starbucks red cups in hand, me lugging around my camera and tripod, my mom and i wearing our hunter boots.... i could go on. i thought the whole thing was hilarious.

we ended up finding our tree in the very back corner of the lot. when looking at all of the trees the normal ones we usually choose from just looked way too small this time around... so we decided to upgrade to the next size up. and let me tell you, the tree we picked looked a lot smaller when it was in the field compared to when we cut it down. while we were dragging it back to be wrapped up people were stopping and saying how big our tree was. that should have been a sign that we had overcommitted.... but once you cut down the tree i feel like you just have to go with it at that point ;).

when we got out tree home and put it up in our living room it ended up taking up almost half the room it was so big!! but what's christmas without a ridiculous christmas tree? ;).

i was feeling really festive and put up the rest of our christmas decorations around the house - i'll have to go back and get some pictures to put up here soon.

i hope everyone is getting into the festive spirit. i can't wait for christmas to come! {it's my favourite holiday of the year!}

merry christmas!

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