an honest thought on going back to school


well, the day has finally come for school to start up again. i have mixed feelings about the whole thing. as much as i love school and starting a new semester, i've found school to be really challenging this year and i've had a hard time genuinely enjoying it. i'm taking less courses this semester so i'm hoping that the lighter course load helps, but do you ever have moments where you question if you're doing the right thing? i've been feeling that a lot when it comes to school. but let's hope the semester goes well and i'm excited to see what comes my way this term!

in other news, these are few picture from my morning/afternoon. eating some lunch and catching up on pinterest, and trying to take a selfie and then realizing i had my eyes closed. but then realized that it perfectly sums up that all i want to do is sleep today. staying up late and early classes do not mix.

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