one of my goals for 2016 was to develop a morning routine. i am the worst for sleeping in way too late and then rushing to get out the door on time. which means mornings are usually really hectic and i can never get what i want done. and sleeping in so late is really unproductive for me.

so at first i tried to set my alarm earlier, hoping that forcing myself to get up early would solve all the problems. but i found myself more often then not shutting off my alarm and going back to sleep for another few hours, which made that plan a bust.

recently however i've been focusing more on my evening routine - and that has miraculously helped a lot with mornings. it takes me a really long time to unwind and fall asleep, so my evening routine is about 4-5 hours long depending on the night, which i know sounds really long but that's what work for me. so here is a breakdown of what an average night for me has looked like recently:

7:00 pm - clean up dinner, tidy up apartment.

7:30 pm - check social media (facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.)

8:00 pm - check emails, upcoming appointments, things that have to be done for the next day.

8:30 pm - shower, change into pyjamas

9:00 pm - make tea, watch t.v (i've been watching nashville and the bachelor lately)

11:00 pm - lockup apartment and go into bedroom

11:15 pm - last quick check of social media on my phone, set alarm for morning

11:30 pm - sleep

i find that this kind of timeframe works well for me because it allows me to go over everything thats happened during the day and prep for the next day. having time to relax and do things i like doing like watching t.v. without and checking social media helps me wind down and makes falling asleep a lot easier (sometimes if i don't go over things before i try to sleep i spend hours lying awake thinking about anything and everything- seriously, the other night i found myself googling "ontario dachshund rescue clubs" at 3am....). i've also been making a big effort to stop watching t.v. in my room (i am the worst for that!), so this kind of schedule works for me :).

and by doing this in the evening i am able to fall asleep a lot faster and sleep better. i can actually get myself out of bed when my alarm goes off and i'm feeling better rested when i get up, which is huge for me!

i hope you guys find this helpful if you struggle with sleep or getting up in the mornings. hope your week is going well :) talk to you guys soon.

xo liz

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