my first time getting a massage


so i decided to splurge on this vacation and booked myself in for a massage at the hotel spa. i had never had a massage before, and never really been to a spa for a fancy treatment before so i was excited, but also really nervous for today.

when i first got to the spa someone greeted me and gave me a short tour of the facilities and showed me to my locker which had a robe and sandals waiting for me. i got changed into my swim suit and robe and went to the sauna. it was crazy hot so i was only in there for about ten minutes. after that i went back to the jacuzzi room and read magazines until my appointment time. i then went upstairs and got prepped for my hot stone massage! the massage itself was so nice and relaxing! i left feeling so relaxed and would jump at the next opportunity to do this again. i think it will definitely be one of the highlights of trip, so glad i was finally able to check this off my "bucket list".


  1. I'm glad you decided to get a massage, it is the kind of thing that once you do it, you wonder why you waited so long. Now that you're back from your vacation, I hope you decide to indulge in a massage whenever you're feeling stressed. After all, you deserve some pampering!

  2. I am so glad that you got your first massage. My wife keeps bugging me to go get a couple's massage. After reading your blog, I think I might do it for Christmas or her birthday. It sounds so refreshing. We both could use a break and it might be a great way to strengthen our bond.

    William Connors @ The Healing Station