good morning! 

i wanted to write a little bit about pilates. i signed up for individual classes in the fall and have been loving it!! i had been wanting to try it for a while and finally got the chance when a spot opened up with an instructor i know through my chiropractor's office. 

i was so excited to start out, but a little nervous too because i didn't totally know what to expect. well it's been a few months now and every session i have more and more fun! my instructor is awesome and i'm starting to feel stronger already. i always love trying new things and am so happy to find something that i genuinely enjoy doing - it makes working out so much easier when you actually like what you do. 

so that been what i've been trying out recently. just wanted to write a quick post to update you guys on what i do every wednesday morning. and hooray, we are halfway through the work week! the first week back after holidays always seems a bit brutal so i am definitely looking forward to the weekend. 

talk to you tomorrow, 

xo liz

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