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i thought it would be kind of fun to switch things up from the normal "what i do in a day" kind of posts that happen most of the time here and write about some of the books i've read lately and would definitely recommend.

#1 - "The Total Money Makeover" By Dave Ramsey 

i haven't quite finished this book yet, but i can already tell that it is one that i am going to keep coming back to. if you have trouble managing your money (this is seriously one of the things i constantly struggle with!!), or even if you don't, i would definitely recommend this book. i feel like every one can benefit from some more knowledge about money.... not to be cheesy, but i truly believe knowledge is power! what i like most about this book is that it really changes the way you think about money. debt has become such an integral party of almost everyone's lives these days, but dave ramsey will totally change your mindset by then of the book.

#2 - "See Me" By Nicholas Sparks 

this is the newest book to the nicholas sparks collection and i loved reading it! it came out just a couple of days before my birthday this past year which was perfect timing ;). as soon as i started reading it i couldn't put it down. it was a little different than his previous novels, which i really liked. (as much as i love nicholas sparks and will always be the first to read his new novels, i can see why people say his plot lines are all very similar). so if you like romance novels and anything nicholas sparks like i would definitely recommend this. it's a really fun read, and i kind of have my fingers crossed that there is a sequel to this book!

#3 - "Hemmingway in Love: His Own Story" By A. E. Hotchner 

i got this book for christmas and i just finished reading it while i was in arizona. i have read a little bit of hemmingway's work, but never really knew much about his personal life. this book is written by one of his close friends and talks about hemmingway's different romances over the years. it also briefly talks about his troubled life towards the end. overall i really enjoyed it! i've always loved reading biographies (is it weird that it's been my favourite genre since grade 4?), so if you do to i think you would really like this book :). and it's pretty short, so it's a quick read!

#4 - "Four" By Veronica Roth 

okay, i know this makes me look like a 12 year old or something, but i genuinely loved this book and the whole divergent series. it also helps that theo james stares as one of the main characters in the movies, i mean hello, he's gorgeous. and the book had some adventure and romance in it, and was a fun read over the summer. after starting to put this list together i've figured out that i like reading books that aren't too serious aha.

#5 - "Dear John" By Nicholas Sparks 

another nicholas sparks book, i know, i know. but to be honest, i'm just proud that this list isn't totally nicholas sparks.... that's how obsessed i am ;). this is one of the only books that i have read more than once (does anyone else really hate reading books twice or is that just me?). i didn't totally love the movie adaptation of this, so if you've seen the movie and don't want to read the book, i promise you the book is much better!! and i mean, how many excuses do we really need to read another nicholas sparks book.... be honest ;).

i hope you guys like these books and maybe give one of them a read if you're in the market for a new book. let me know if you like these kinds of posts and i'll try to do more in the future. wishing you all a great start to the week!

xo, liz

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