an impulsive buy over reading week


you guys, i got pet fish this week!! it's something that i've always kind of thought would be fun to have, but never thought about it seriously. but this week i have a car to use (thanks to my mom's trip to the yukon... more on that later!). anyways, i have the car, and i feel like i can just do anything now because it's so easy to get around the city. so one night i decided to go to the pet store "just to look". i walked out with a starter tank and spent the evening prepping the tank with decoration and water filters and conditioners. a couple days later (i know you're suppose to wait like a week after setting up your tank but i couldn't wait ;)) i went back and picked up guppies and catfish! and now i've been spending my days just watching my little fish swim around their tank. i love them so much!

it's funny how something so silly can make me so excited. so now i am the proud owner of 8 fish after an impulsive couple of days. i've only named 2 of them (timothy and tequila) and i can't decide if i'm just going to leave it at that or name them all. let me know if you have any suggestions.

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