hair extensions!


okay, i am SO excited to finally share this with you guys!! i got these hair extensions a few weeks ago and i kept meaning to do a post about them but i never seemed to get around it. but here it is, 24 inch ombre hair extensions from foxy locks. this is my first time every having hair extensions. i have always been curious to try them out to see what all the hype is about and after watching amber fillerup nail hairstyle after hairstyle i finally decided to just go for it. i'm really happy with how they turned out! the colour blend really well and i think they're fun to wear every now and again. i know they don't look super blending in this picture (because i only have 2 wefts in out of the 6 i was given lol) but i wanted to take a quick picture just to compare the lengths. 

it's definitely not a look i would wear everyday, but i think it's really fun for special occasions and it's fulfilled my dream of having extra long hair (which is taking forever to grow in on its own!). 

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