jimmy's minis | the best donuts in town!


my mom and i tried out a new (to us) donut shop on saturday and it was AMAZING! it's run by jimmy himself with a smiling face and huge chef's hat. they have all kinds of donuts in fun colours and decorations - my favourite is the bright pink one (of course) which is raspberry white chocolate! 

it's a bit of a blessing that this place is on the other side of town otherwise i would probably have donuts almost every day ;). my brother and i split almost every flavour that we got together and i don't feel bad about it one bit. they were so good! 

i always love finding new finds like this. it reminds me of a couple of years ago where i tried new restaurants/food places every month as one of my new years goals. 

so that was what i was up to this weekend. hope everyone enjoyed theirs!

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