the fascinating life of a single girl | a series


sometimes i sit down to write a post for this blog and i honestly come up with nothing. i wish i could write fabulous tales about adventures i go on with friends, or cute dates that happen weekly that a lot of other bloggers rock at. but if i'm being totally honest 90% of my days are spent like today:

+ sleeping in and spending a lazy morning drinking tea and getting ready for the day 

+ walking to classes. often in annoying weather. i was loving the rain/freezing rain mix this morning 

+ thinking about making a healthy lunch but then finishing the bag of chips i opened last night with a side of pilsbury sugar cookie dough. i'm ashamed to admit that this is definitely not the first time this has happened. 

+ hitting "the wall" around 4 or 5 and finding myself with zero energy. 

+ make a small comeback around 7 and attempt to make dinner. it's usually as successful as lunch. 

+ have someone cancel a date that you had planned this weekend by just not responding to you anymore. okay, this doesn't happen all the time, but it happened today and i'm super annoyed. 

+ and then do absolutely nothing all evening. sometimes i do some homework. sometimes i play sims. and i almost always watch netflix. but it just feels like nothing.

+ and then i just wait it out until i can justify going to sleep. 

it's a super exciting life i live isn't it? and i know i could totally do something about it and like actually get my life together, but that is SO much easier said than done. but after writing this all out maybe i should really consider it.... 

anyways, sorry for this little rant. i hope you all had a much more exciting and productive day than mine. 


xo, liz

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