valentine's weekend recap


above are a few pictures of all the valentine's presents i got over the weekend. even though i'm single i still really like valentine's day. i think it's more about celebrating people you love and taking time to spoil yourself a bit ;). my youngest sister and i exchanged valentine's this year. she gave me a really sweet card, these beautiful tulips (in my favourite colour!) and some chocolate. i also got a turtle mug from my mom and dad(which is my favourite animal) as well as lots of little chocolates and cards from friends. 

on monday night one of my friends hosted a valentine's dinner for all my friends from high school. we snacked on cheese and baguette, pizza, and lots of pinot grigio and i can't think of a better way to end off a long weekend. 

so thankful for all the wonderful people i have in my life, and i loved being able to celebrate that over the weekend! 

hope everyone is having a good week so far :). i have been trying to declutter my apartment and get things a bit more organized over reading week.

xo, liz

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