feeling like spring and being nostalgic


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also, i feel like this duckling sums up exactly how i am feeling about this warmer weather. like it couldn't be any closer to the the truth.

we have been blessed with some seriously warm weather the last couple of days and i have been loving it! it is so nice to be able to have the windows open and have fresh warm air come in. and being able to go outside without having to layer up with jackets and hats and scarves has been wonderful.

i also have been loving that everyone seems to be outside enjoying the weather! it's just nice to have some positive energy around, and i feel like everyone is always in a better mood when the weather gets nice.

it's also making me weirdly nostalgic for some reason. i keep thinking back to this past summer, and spring from years ago and i just get so excited for it to be hear again! i know that's kind of weird, and hopefully i'm not the only one who thinks that way ;). i just get excited remembering being outside so much more and i can't wait for our days to keep getting longer and longer.

anyways, that's what has been exciting so far this week for me. hope everyone else is having a good week so far :).

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