good morning friends!



just thought i would jot down a few things about life lately. 

- dating is a nightmare. like seriously the worst. within the last two weeks i've had two guys set up dates with me and then stopped responding the next day and it fell through..... like really?!?? 

- i just finished watching the netflix documentary series "cooked" and now i'm feeling really inspired to start cooking a lot more. i tried making scones last night and they totally didn't work out... but i'm trying! 

- i find it funny that the girl who is notoriously bad at math is now filling out tax returns for a living right now 

- just realized that st. patrick's day is this thursday and for the first time in a long time i have zero plans as of now 

- i started watching friends.... i feel like i'm one of the few people who have never watched the show from start to finish. but after seeing "ross" in the new oj tv show i felt inspired

and those are most of my life updates. hope everyone is having a great week so far! ps. is it just me or does every day feel like a weekend this week? like i swear every time i wake up i swear it's saturday.... and then seconds later i realize i actually have things to do and it kind of sucks. 

anyways, talk to you guys soon! 

xo, liz  

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